Workforce Impact

  • In 2021, there were 340,250 tech workers employed across the Colorado economy. This is a more sizeable number than the 270,460 workers who are employed at tech companies. When these occupations are cross-referenced with the tech industry codes, it is found that about 44 percent of tech workers work at a tech industry firm.
  • Lightcast’s predictive models estimate a future five-year IT Industry Employment growth rate over 12 percent, ranking as the third fastest growing IT state.
  • Software developers are the top occupation of the tech workers group, accounting for almost 12 percent of the workforce. Every year, on average, 41,550 tech jobs need to be filled to accommodate for growth and retiring workers.
  • Analyst jobs were among the top occupations and experiencing the most growth. The increase of Big Data has created demand for workers who can help process and dissect information. Information security analysts were one of the fastest growing tech occupations in Colorado, indicating the emergence of cybersecurity professionals.
  • For tech jobs, the quit rate was about 44 percent in 2021. This was one of the lowest rates in Colorado’s economy.
  • In Colorado in 2021, the average earnings per worker in the tech industry was $153,400 a year. The average earnings for workers across all industries in the state is about $81,900. A tech industry worker earns almost double the average worker in the state.

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